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Two Fabric Bargello Pattern and Kits


I have written a help page for the way I make the Two Fabric Bargello quilts.  Click here to go to the page: Two Fabric Bargello Help

Two Fabric Bargello Pattern by Susie Weaver - There are three different designs in the pattern, Swirl, Check Mark and Lightning Bolt.

Swirl 33 X 53,  Check Mark 40 X 55, Lightning Bolt 46 X 57



Pattern $12.00

or Kit $60.00 includes the Pattern



There is enough fabric in the kit to make any one of the designs, Swirl, Check Mark or Lightning Bolt. I just happen to make a lot of the
Check Mark designs in my samples so they would not take up a lot of wall space in my booth when we go to shows.

The new one with Red Effervescence and Black/White Gelato (904) is made with the insert fabric cut 16 1/2 inches instead
of the 9 1/2 inches as in the pattern which makes the quilt longer.  My sample is approximately 67 inches long.

My samples and kits are made from 2 Yards of Gelato or Gradation 2046-XX, 1 Yard of Effervescence and 1 Yard of Jet Black Kona.  



 Black/White (904) with Jewel               Black/White (904) with Ebony              Blue (307)with Primary     



Southwest(302) with Jewel                  Gelato (203) with Atmosphere               Purple(205) with Bright



Red (303) with Jewel                           Violet (2046-60) with Boysenberry        Black/White (904) with Red 



  Chocolate(2046-78) and Stone            Grey Effervescence with Black Insert/Border

                                                                 (This kit only contains two fabrics, 2 yards Grey and 2 yards Black)


The design used in the first quilts was Modern Eccentric by Anita Shackelford.   The design can be downloaded from her site if you have a long arm with a computer.


If you do not have a long arm quilting machine that can use the above design. There is a pantograph pattern that is similar.

Time Warp Pantograph Pattern available now in three sizes:   8 inch and 12 inch.  I only have two sizes in stock for $15.00 each.

                                                                              Quilted with the 10 inch Time Warp Pattern and YLI Thread Madres.



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